Meet Linda Tripp

As a mother and  educator, Linda understands the needs of the people of Florida and will fight for our communities. A life-long Floridian, Linda grew up in Miami and relocated to LaBelle in 1980 with her husband and two children. Initially she worked as a classroom teacher in public elementary and middle schools. After earning her masters degree she served the families of students with disabilities in Hendry, Highlands, Glades, and Desoto Counties with the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System. Linda also advocated for students with disabilities as a Staffing Specialist with Hendry County Schools. Linda has worked for families in our communities for decades and we need her in Tallahassee on our side. 

Linda is on Your Side for Fairness and Accountability in Government

Fairness and Equality in Education:

• Expand early childhood programs

• Increase funding for public education and teacher salaries

• Provide better opportunities and educational access for diverse student populations

Quality, Affordable and Secure Health Care:

• Eliminate barriers to affordable health care and expand Medicaid 

• Maximize funding for substance use disorder and mental health services

• Reduce the cost of prescription drugs

• Hold insurance companies accountable

• Improve care for seniors 

Jobs and The Economy:

• Greater economic opportunity through job training and apprenticeship

• Fight for a living wage

• Support farmers and farm workers

• Invest in rural infrastructure and broadband

• Expand affordable housing in the Heartland

Clean Air And Water:

• Protect water quality and distribution

• Increase investment and opportunity for clean energy and new technologies

• Support policies that balance the concerns of agriculture, new industry, tourism and development with responsible environmental practices

Preserving Our Democracy:

• Expand Florida’s vote by mail program

• Legislate for same day voter registration

• Advocate for the rights of disenfranchised voters

• Fight for our voices to be heard in Tallahassee 

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